The relighting audit is an essential phase in the planning of a lighting renovation project. The audit report provides all the information needed to decide whether to invest in energy-efficient lighting (ERU, REG, etc.):

  • analysis / diagnosis of the installation, both in terms of comfort and efficiency;
  • dimensioning of high-performance lighting in accordance with standards (EN12464, …);
  • power balance before/after renovation;
  • evaluation of maintenance or maintenance savings;
  • evaluation of the economic interest of order automation;
  • estimation of investment and payback time;

LIGHT TO LIGHT has extensive experience in relighting projects that is recognized by public organizations and companies active in the energy sector (ESCO):

  • auditor approved by the Walloon Region (AMURE-UREBA approval number: RW/07250606);
  • auditor approved by the Brussels-Capital Region;
  • lighting expert for the Flemish Region;
  • partner office for EANDIS relighting projects;
  • approved office for INFRAX relighting projects