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Play of lighting and shadow on the Hendrik Conscience Square in Antwerp

Appealing both to contemplation and gathering, Hendrik Conscience Square symbolizes architectural and intellectual treasure for the inhabitants of Antwerp. Indeed, it is a place that is bathed in a peaceful atmosphere with, at its side, a church sublimated by its baroque ornaments, and a library embodying knowledge.

The lighting of LIGHT-TO-LIGHT was particularly respectful of the beauty of the site. A limited number of elements have been chosen for the lighting of the square in order to contribute to its balance. In addition, a desire to respect the architecture and harmony of the place emanates from this lighting, which aims to reveal its splendour to the public without exacerbating it. Finally, the tower overlooking the H. Conscience place was also illuminated in order to profile it like a lighthouse, a real landmark in the city’s night landscape.

The design aspect… Art is born of constraints

In order to have a faithful and melodious interpretation of the whole, touches of light and shadow have been used to highlight the structure without distorting it. In addition, lighting must meet a series of constraints. Discretion is required throughout the installation, which must remain invisible from all points of view to ensure uninterrupted observation of the buildings. In terms of heritage, LIGHT-TO-LIGHT has ensured that the stones of the buildings are preserved intact with carefully designed hanging and fixing. On the other hand, an environmental approach has been preserved with the consideration of light pollution and the choice of sustainable and eco-responsible lighting, both in their materials and in their durability. Ultimately, all this is done with the client’s allocated budget in mind.

Lighting design: Fiorenzo Namèche – Light-To-Ligh, project owner : Stad Antwerpen, contractor : Eandis, inauguration: 15th August 2018

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