14 Jan 2020

Play of lighting and shadow on the Hendrik Conscience Square in Antwerp

Appealing both to contemplation and gathering, Hendrik Conscience Square symbolizes architectural and intellectual treasure for the inhabitants of Antwerp. Indeed, it is a place that is bathed in a peaceful atmosphere with, at its side, a church sublimated by its baroque ornaments, and a library embodying knowledge. The lighting of

18 Oct 2018

Passage du Nord regains its original lighting

The gallery has just been inaugurated this  September 2018 after several years of restoration works that brings back its original character.  The new LED lighting was designed to restore the luminous atmosphere of the time, when the gallery was lit by gas lanterns. Project owner: Société Civile du Passage du

29 Jan 2016

Wallonian Parliament

Located at the confluence of the Meuse and Sambre rivers and sitting at the foot of the Citadel, the Walloon Parliament is visible throughout the landscape of the Namur valley. If in the past it seemed to have been erased from the urban context by public lighting, LIGHT-TO-LIGHT wanted to establish an illumination