Who are we?

Born in 2000 from the passion of lighting designer Fiorenzo Namèche, the Light-to-Light agency has grown rapidly by carrying out several lighting renovation projects, first in Brussels and soon extended to the whole of Belgium.  Today, with a strong reputation based on major achievements, it is expanding its activities internationally.

Our vision

Our office works to improve our lighting environment.  Its mission is to design customized installations of the highest quality in terms of ergonomics, aesthetics and the environment.


Our values

Independence and expertise

Our office has developed expertise in lighting and acts completely independently of equipment manufacturers and suppliers.  We are able to design lighting solutions that are perfectly adapted to the needs of the project and meet the customer’s criteria.
The office also makes every effort to maintain its expertise at the highest level through the monitoring of lighting technologies, continuous training and regular market analyses.

Multidisciplinarity and competence

Our team is composed of different profiles – lighting designer, architect, scenographer, industrial designer and landscape architect – who together possess all the necessary skills to ensure complete missions, from design to project follow-up, whatever its complexity.
The multicultural nature of the staff allows us to manage undifferentiated projects in French, Dutch, English and Italian.

Commitment and quality

We advise our clients in their lighting investments to maximize the added value of lighting in the projects entrusted to us. This added value is aesthetic, ergonomic and economical.
The design of our lighting solutions is based on the development of a pleasant, efficient and sustainable lighting environment that enhances space, architecture and maximizes well-being and safety.