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Record luminous efficiency at the De Ark sports hall in Ardooie

The new LED lighting in the large sports hall sets a new record for energy efficiency with a specific installed power of only 0.8W/m2/100 lux! This is a reduction by a factor of 3.75 times less than the old T5 fluorescent tube lighting where more than 3W/m2/100 lux was required.

The result is a drastic reduction in energy consumption of more than 73% without the additional savings provided by lighting management, which includes absence detection and regulation according to natural light input.

In addition to energy and maintenance savings, this installation offers high visual comfort with a unified glare rate (UGR) of only 19 thanks to the new layout of the LED lights.

Results: more than 73% energy savings and more than 7 tons of CO2 less per year for the planet!

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